A Guided Photo Upload Experience, Powered by AI

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A Guided Photo Upload Experience, Powered by AI

February 24, 2024

Daniel Francis
Chief Product Officer


We understand that getting quotes for home charging can be daunting and time consuming. That’s why Treehouse is making it easier than ever for EV owners with an innovative photo upload experience, powered by AI. We provide step-by-step guidance to share all the information we need to prepare for installation, without the hassle of scheduling a site visit.

After completing a brief survey and receiving an instant price from Treehouse, you’ll only need to provide the following:

  1. Panel Photos: Treehouse uses these photos to automatically calculate the electrical load generated from the existing appliances within a home and the maximum power that can be safely drawn by the new EV charger
  2. Panel & Charger Locations: We’ll ask you to place pins on an overhead map of your home indicating where your electrical panels are located and where you’d like the charger installed. This is used to determine potential wiring routes and measure wiring distance.
  3. Video: We request a brief video walking from your panel to where you would like the charger installed. This helps us finalize wiring placement and ensure the preferred charger location meets all local code and safety requirements

Personalization and Contextual Help

Homes can have many unique layouts, and this new experience is organized into a series of intuitive, easy steps that are personalized based on available data we have on your home. You’ll receive clear guidance along the way, with photo and video examples to assist you. Don’t know how to locate your electrical panel or how to open the panel door? No problem - just watch our instructive how-to-guides, which are available directly in the upload experience! Rest assured that should you still have any questions, help is just a tap away. You can immediately start a chat or schedule a call with a Treehouse Expert.

Innovative Technology

As you upload each photo, our cutting-edge computer vision technology immediately analyzes it to confirm it’s legible and contains the information we need. If you’ve accidentally upload a photo of the wrong item or the image is blurry, you’ll receive real-time feedback and suggestions for how to fix the issue. Once you complete the upload process, our software automatically updates the electrical load calculation for your home and prepares your permit application so we can file it quickly and schedule your installation as soon as possible.

The Future of Home Charging

At Treehouse, we're dedicated to leveraging software and innovative technology to make EV charger installation easier than ever. Say goodbye to the hassle of traditional site visits and hello to a smoother, more convenient way of getting a quote. Experience the future of home charging with Treehouse today.

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