How to Prepare for Your EV Charger Installation


How to Prepare for Your EV Charger Installation

December 1, 2023

Nick Sherry
Electrical Lead


We can’t wait for you to experience fast, effortless and cost effective EV charging right in your home. We want to help you get up and running as quickly and easily as possible, so we put together a few helpful resources to prepare you for installation day, help you maximize your cost savings with home charging, and address our most commonly asked questions.

Installation Day Checklist

To ensure things go as smoothly as possible on the day of installation of your EV charger, follow this checklist:

  • Clear the installation area: Prior to installation, please clear a five-foot area around your electrical panel to allow for sufficient working space.
  • Prepare for a brief electrical outage: During the installation, there will be a brief power outage, which can range from two to six hours depending on the complexity of your installation. In most cases your power will only be out for 15 minutes, but your electrician will inform you if it will be longer.
  • Have your EV on site: Please have your vehicle onsite, if possible, which will allow us to test your charger. We can still install your charger if you're unable to have your car present.
  • [For smart chargers] Wi-Fi credentials: Once onsite, our electrician will request your wifi password in order to connect your charger to your home's WiFi. This process is called commissioning.
  • Prepare for us to be onsite for ~2 to 4 hours: Most installations take between two and four hours. If your installation involves more complex equipment or a lengthy wire run, the installation may take up to eight hours.

Maximize Home Charging Cost Savings

Not only is Level 2 charging lightning fast and convenient, but it’s also cost effective. You’ll save an estimated $90/month using your Level 2 charger compared to Level 3 public charging! Treehouse can assist you in maximizing your cost savings by identifying applicable rebates and incentives. Additionally, we help you optimize your home charging schedule to align with the times when electricity rates are lowest.

Rebates and Incentives: when you receive a Treehouse estimate, we’ll let you know if you qualify for any rebates in your area. Rebates are often available through utility companies, but this will depend on your service provider. While Treehouse does it’s best to share utility rebates, we recommend contacting your utility provider to confirm rebate eligibility.

Home Charging Scheduling: Charging is far less expensive at home during off-peak hours, which occur when demand for electricity is at its lowest (generally between the hours of 8pm and 6am). We've partnered with Optiwatt, a free tool that helps you save money by scheduling your home charging when electricity rates are cheapest. You can download Optiwatt in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Additional Questions?

We know home charging can come with a ton of questions, and we are here to support you every step of the way so you can focus on enjoying your EV! Check out the answers to some of our top FAQs below. Still have questions? Text us at 323-577-6795 and we’ll be happy to chat.


  • What will my EV charger look like in my home once installed? Your new EV charger will be mounted 36'-48' inches off of the ground and there may be some visible conduit running to the charger. This will depend on your installation scope.
  • What is a conduit run and what does it look like? Conduit is metal tubing used to protect and route electrical wiring. Treehouse typically uses 3/4' conduit, but this does vary by installation.
  • Will there be any holes in the wall? How big will they be? Unless otherwise stated, there should be no visible holes around the charger.
  • Will you paint my conduit? Unfortunately, Treehouse cannot paint conduit.


  • How fast will my car charge? Your EV's exact charging speed depends on the make and model, but with level 2 charging, your car will fully charge overnight. It's like magic while you sleep.
  • How do I configure the smart charger? Your electrician will help you set up your smart charger and app when they install your charger. To do so, please be prepared to provide your Wi-Fi name and password.
  • Will the electrician set up my smart charger app? Yes, the electrician will help set up your smart charger app, but they will need your Wi-Fi name and password to do so.
  • How fast can I go on a full charge? Your EV's range depends on the make and model, but on average, you'll get around 300 miles on a full charge. We encourage you to check your vehicle's specific range on the manufacturer's website.

Cost Savings

  • How do I request lower rate from my utility company? Typically, utility companies will not negotiate their rates with individual customers. To view your utility company's hourly rates, we recommend visiting their website.
  • How do I apply for the rebate? Does Treehouse apply for me? To apply for any eligible rebates, check out the "Rebate" section on your Treehouse estimate. There you will find a link to apply for the rebate. Typically, rebates must be applied for by the homeowner. If a rebate program requires Treehouse file the rebate, we will handle this process for you at your request.
  • What do I need to apply for the rebate? Rebate requirements vary by rebate program. For specific requirements, we recommend reviewing the rebate-providers eligibility guidelines.
  • Can Treehouse guarantee I'll be covered under a rebate program? While Treehouse will recommend rebate programs, we cannot guarantee eligibility. We encourage you to read your rebate program's eligibility requirements to confirm the scope of your project is covered by the rebate offered in your state.

Next Steps

  • How do I pay for the balance due to Treehouse? There is no need to pay your installer directly. Treehouse will contact you for payment or, if you elected to pay by credit card, we will automatically charge your card on file once the installation is complete. If you elected to use Treehouse's pay over time solution, you will receive next steps on installation day.
  • When does the inspection take place? Who schedules it? Once installation is complete, Treehouse will work with you and your city to schedule an electrical inspection which is required to finalize your permit. Treehouse will supply the permit documents for your inspection.
  • What do I need for the inspection? For your inspection, you will need permit documents on site and handy. Treehouse will mail these to you or drop them off. You must be home during the inspection.
  • Will an electrician come to my house for the inspection? If required by your city, Treehouse will ensure an electrician is on site for the inspection.

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