California Rebates for EV Charger Installation

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California Rebates for EV Charger Installation

March 1, 2023

Daniel Francis
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Many California utility providers and air quality management districts (AQMDs) offer significant rebates to make Level 2 EV charger installation more affordable. These programs typically provide a fixed dollar amount or percent-of-cost rebate in the form of a check or utility bill credit. You (the homeowner) can apply for them directly.  Rebates are usually issued 6-8 weeks after application.

You should review the program details carefully as each has specific requirements:

  1. You will need to be an existing customer with the utility provider or your property will need to be located within the AQMD coverage area.
  2. Some offer charger-only rebates while other programs will also cover installation costs. A few programs cover permit costs.
  3. They may have different rebate amounts for WiFi-enabled smart chargers vs. simple chargers.
  4. Some programs issue higher rebates if you are income-qualified or belong to a designated disadvantaged community (DAC). DACs are defined by the California Environmental Protection Agency. You can determine if you live in one by looking up your address on this DAC map.

In addition, you may be eligible for the US Federal Alternative Fuel Vehicle Refueling Property Tax Credit for EV charger hardware and EV charger installation costs. Learn more about this program with Treehouse's guide to US federal EV charger incentives and check out our tips to saving money with EVs.

If you’d like to see all of the incentives (tax credits, rebates, etc.) for which you may be eligible, complete this short survey. We’ll guide you through the process and help you select the best options to maximize these programs and lower your total installation cost.

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Administrator Description Maximum Rebate
Alameda Municipal Power AMP is offering this cash rebate to encourage residents to use Alameda's 100% clean energy by charging their EVs at home. You can apply this rebate toward the purchase, installation, and/or permitting of a new, permanently installed level 2 home charger. $500
Anaheim Public Utilities Eligible expenses include the cost of the charger, installation, and city permit fees. Up to $1,500 per any Level 2 charger for customers NOT participating in one of the Utilities TOU or EV Rate programs. Up to $3,000 per networked charger and the customer must also sign up for a time-based rate. $3000
Azusa Light and Water EV customers who install an ENERGY STAR® Level 2 EV charger in their residence are eligible for $150 rebate. $150
Bay Area AQMD The Clean Cars for All (CCFA) program offers up to $2,000 in additional Electric Vehicle Charger Rebate to grantees, or Participants, who have purchased or leased a new or used plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) or battery electric vehicle (BEV). The EVSE rebate is only available to CCFA Participants on a reimbursement basis who have purchased a PHEV or BEV through the program and have completed their post-inspection and dismantled their old vehicle. $2000
Burbank Water and Power Burbank residents may apply for a rebate to offset some of the costs of purchasing and installing one or two Level 2 charging stations, including the electric panel if an upgrade is needed. Residential customers can get rebates of up to $1,250 with an electric panel upgrade. Customers living in a Disadvantaged Community (DAC) area of Burbank can qualify for increased rebate amounts of up to $1,500 with an electric panel upgrade. $500
Butte Electric Cooperative Butte Electric Cooperative, Inc. is offering up to a $250 rebate for Level 2 programmable electric vehicle chargers installed at the member's home. Please call Butte Electric Cooperative prior to purchase to ensure eligibility of the charging station model. Other restrictions may apply. The rebate amount will not exceed the purchase amount. $250
Central Coast Community Energy The Electrify Your Ride Program provides CCCE customers with a “one-stop-shop” for transportation electrification rebates and support. Rebates are available for electric vehicles, Level 2 EV chargers, and EV readiness (electrical work related to charger installation). $4700
City of Roseville The qualified charger must be installed at and the current vehicle registration must be at a residential dwelling unit receiving electricity from Roseville Electric Utility, with a current electric service account. The customer account information must match the DMV vehicle registration information. This program has a limited budget. Applications will be accepted on a first come, first served basis, until funds are depleted. $500
City of Ukiah Qualifying Level 2 charger must be: new and unused, certified by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL listed), ETL listed, or approved by the City of Ukiah Community Development Department. $500
Colton Electric Utility Apply for the Residential program by completing the Residential EV charger rebate application or applying online on our partner website, $500
Glendale Water and Power GWP offers rebates of up to $599 for residential customers and up to $6,000 for commercial or multi-family customers. For questions regarding charging station rebates, please email or call 818-551-3080. $599
Imperial Irrigation District For those who have chosen to go electric, IID offers rebates of up to $500 to customers who purchase and install a Level 2 plug-in electric vehicle charger. The rebated amount for the electric vehicle charger will be the lesser of $500 or 50% of the sum of the net purchase price plus net installation cost. $500
Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) Eligible customers may receive a rebate of up to $1,000 for the purchase and installation of a qualified Level 2 charging station and a $250 rebate for the installation of a dedicated EV meter. LADWP also offers an EV rate discount for charging EVs. Customers participating in LADWP's Lifeline or EZ-SAVE Low-Income Customer Assistance (EZ-SAVE) Program are eligible for an additional $500 rebate. $1500
Liberty Energy The Drive Program is intended to support 1,000 Residential charger installations and 250 Small Business installations. Residential applicants may apply for a rebate up to 60 days after the installation of qualified EV charging equipment or may apply in advance of installation for a Rebate Reservation to reserve the rebate for 6 months from the date of issue. $1500
Lodi Electric Utility The City of Lodi offers rebates for the installation and purchase of Level 2 electric vehicle chargers. The Level 2 charger must be wall-mounted and installed by a licensed contractor. $1000
Modesto Irrigation District The residential charger must be a 240 volt plug in or hard wired, factory designed permanent wall mount unit. Portable chargers do not qualify. Compliance with local building codes and related inspections are required. $500
Pacific Gas and Electric For a limited time starting in fall 2022, PGE’s Empower EV program can offer income-eligible households up to $2,500 in financial incentives. The program extends to qualifying customers in single-family households who have recently purchased or leased an EV within six months prior to applying to the program. $2500
Pasadena Water and Power Residential electric customers are eligible for a $600 rebate when they install a qualifying Wi-Fi enabled EV charger at their home. Residential customers are eligible for a $200 rebate when they install a standard (Non Wi-Fi) EV charger. $600
Pittsburg Power Company This program applies to Island Energy electricity customers who are current owners or lessees of plug in electric vehicles and hybrids with an electric range in excess of 30 miles per charge. Up to $600 rebate will be provided for the parts, installation and permitting costs of a Level 2 charging station. Installation must be performed by a qualified electrician. $600
Rancho Cucamonga Municipal Utility (RCMU) The EV chargers must be wall-mounted or pedestal Level 2 chargers with the SAE J1772 charging plug and DC Fast Chargers with the CCS/SSE or CHAdeMO charging plug. The charger must be UL listed, ETL listed, or approved by the Rancho Cucamonga Department of Building and Safety and installed by a licensed contractor in compliance with local codes, permitting, and inspection requirements. $500
Riverside Public Utilities Electric vehicle drivers who install a Level 2 (240-Volt AC) plug-in charger at their residence in the service territory of Riverside Public Utilities, on or after July 1, 2021, are eligible for up to a $500 rebate. $500
Sacramento Municipal Utility District If you’ve purchased a new or used electric vehicle on or after July 1, 2021, you are eligible for up to $500 towards the purchase of a Level 2 charger and/or up to $500 towards electrical work (building permit required) needed to accommodate your new charger. $1000
Silicon Valley Power Receive a rebate up to $550 when you install an electric vehicle charging station. Silicon Valley Power is ready to get you charged up through our Electric Vehicle Charging Station rebate program. This program offers EV charging station rebates for home, multifamily housing, schools, and non-profit facilities. There is an additional grant available to multi-family housing units that provide below market rental units. $550
South Coast AQMD To participate, you must be a resident within the South Coast Air Quality Management District’s four-county jurisdiction. The program is administered on a first-come, first-served basis and provides up to a $250 rebate or the cost paid for the charger, whichever is lower. Low-income residents can qualify for a total rebate of $500 or the cost paid for the charger, whichever is lower. $250
Trinity Public Utilities District Trinity PUD offers a rebate for the installation of new Electric Vehicle Chargers. Trinity PUD is offering an incentive in the form of a credit on your device electric account of $500 per qualified charging unit. $500
Truckee Donner Public Utility District TDPUD offers rebates on qualified energy and water efficient upgrades for your home. Our newest offerings are designed to help you curb your carbon footprint by electrifying traditionally gas appliances or by helping you go electric with a home EV charger. $649
Turlock Irrigation District Rebates from TID make it even more economical to purchase and charge your plug-in electric vehicle. Receive a $300 rebate when you purchase and install a qualifying Level 2 Charger. CARES customers will receive an additional $100 rebate per charger. $300

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