When should I use a NeoCharge smart splitter?

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When should I use a NeoCharge smart splitter?

November 17, 2022

Daniel Francis
Chief Product Officer


What is the NeoCharge Smart Splitter and how does it work?

The NeoCharge Smart Splitter is a box that plugs into a 240V outlet. It enables power from that outlet to be shared between two devices. For example, power can be shared (a) between an electric dryer and one EV charger or (b) between two separate EV chargers.

When sharing power between a household appliance (e.g. a dryer) and an EV charger, the appliance is usually designated as the “primary” device. When the appliance is in use, the Smart Splitter will temporarily pause EV charging and route all power to the appliance. Once finished, the Smart Splitter will resume EV charging.

When sharing power between two EV chargers, you can configure the Smart Splitter to either (a) provide full power to one charger at a time and then automatically switch when one car is done charging or (b) power both chargers simultaneously at half speed.

Importantly, the NeoCharge Smart Splitter is currently the only UL safety certified smart splitter on the market. It has an internal circuit breaker to protect your home and EV in the event of an electrical problem.

When do we recommend using a NeoCharge Smart Splitter?

We recommend the Smart Splitter for:

  1. Single EV households that have an existing 240V outlet they want to share between an existing appliance (e.g. a dryer) and an EV charger. This avoids the need to install a new outlet and can be a great solution for homes with insufficient electric capacity for an EV charger.
  2. Dual EV households that want to install a new, single 240V outlet so power can be shared between 2 EVs. This may be done to reduce cost since installing one new 240V outlet is more affordable than installing two separate EV chargers. This may also be done to avoid an expensive electrical service upgrade if the home has insufficient electric capacity or breaker space to install 2 separate EV chargers.

Which Smart Splitter do I need?

Several different types of 240V outlets are commonly installed in homes and draw either 24A or 40A of current. NEMA 10-30 and 14-30 outlets draw 24A and are most often used for electric dryers. NEMA 6-50 outlets draw 40A and are most often used for electric welders. NEMA 10-50 outlets draw 40A and are most often used for electric stoves. NEMA 14-50 outlets draw 50A and are most often used for EV chargers.

NeoCharger offers different Smart Splitters for each of these 240V outlets. Each Smart Splitter has the same outlet type on all sides, so if your EV charger has a different outlet time than your wall outlet, you’ll need to purchase a separate adapter from NeoCharge.

What EV chargers can I use with the NeoCharge Smart Splitter?

If using a 24A dryer outlet, you’ll need to get an EV charger that is rated for 24A or less. For example, you can use the Tesla Mobile Connector or Grizzl-E Classic set at 24A. However, when using 24A, your vehicle will charge at ~60% the speed it would if charging at 40A. Note: you cannot use an EV charger set to a higher amperage rating than your outlet (e.g. a charger set to 40A on a 24A dryer outlet). Doing so will cause your breaker to trip and your car will not charge.

If you are using a 40A outlet, plug-in EV chargers from all major manufacturers (Grizzl-E, EnelX JuiceBox, etc.) will be compatible.

What is the installation process?

If you have an existing 240V outlet in the same place you park your EV, installation is easy and outlined in detail by NeoCharge here. You’ll need to turn off your circuit breaker, install the included mounting bracket to the outlet faceplate, plug the Smart Splitter into the outlet, plug your appliance and/or EV charger(s) into the Smart Splitter, then turn the circuit breaker back on. If the existing outlet is on the other side of a wall from where your EV is parked, you may need a wall passthrough kit.

If you need to install a new 240V outlet or need to run conduit to reach an existing 240V outlet, we can help.

Are any rebates available for the NeoCharge?

Yes! Several utilities, including SMUD and Central Coast Community Energy, offer rebates for eligible circuit sharing devices including the NeoCharge Smart Splitter.

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