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Tesla Powershare FAQs

May 31, 2024

Nick Sherry
Electrical Lead


What are the different Powershare installation options?

Powershare is capable of providing either partial or whole home backup. Treehouse will work with you to recommend the best installation option based on your home’s specific electrical configuration and backup needs.

What is a partial home back-up?

Partial home back-up will allow you to back up a subset of your home’s circuit breakers. The selected circuits can be powered by your Tesla Cybertruck in an outage. This option is ideal for most customers, as it ensures that essential appliances, like your refrigerator and lights, remain powered.

What is a whole home back-up?

With whole home backup, you can back up all circuits in your home. During an outage, every circuit can be powered by your Tesla Cybertruck. This option is perfect for customers who want the flexibility to power any circuit and minimize the impact of a power outage.

How big is the 3V Gateway?

The 3V Gateway 26 x 16 x 6 inches.

Can I install the Universal Wall Connector and Gateway 3V outside?

Yes, both the Universal Wall Connector and Gateway 3V can be installed outside; however, the Gateway 3V location should not be installed on a wall that receives direct sunlight.

How much will installation cost?

Tesla Powershare installations involve various factors that can impact the overall cost of installation. However, installation-related expenses generally range between $3,000 and $5,000.

Why might an installation quote for Powershare exceed the average costs?

There are several reasons an installation quote for Powershare may exceed the average costs. Primary reasons include long wire runs between panels and equipment, if existing infrastructure upgrades are requiring to bring a home up to code, and if there is insufficient electrical capacity to support Powershare. These factors can increase the complexity, materials, and labor involved, leading to higher installation costs.

How long will it take to have my Powershare equipment installed?

Once you've received a confirmed quote and have chosen to move forward, Treehouse will submit a permit application on your behalf. While permit approval timelines can vary depending on your location, they typically take around 2-3 weeks. Once the permit is approved, installation can generally be scheduled within a week, after the necessary hardware is delivered to your installer.

How long does a Powerwall and Powershare installation usually take?

The average Powershare installation can be completed within a single day.

How do Powerwall and Powershare work together?

Tesla Powerwalls can be combined with Powershare to enhance energy storage, making it feasible to back up your entire home. You can store excess energy generated by your truck, the grid, or solar panels, and use it during outages or when you want to save on your electric bill. Powerwall ensures your home remains powered even when your vehicle isn’t present and allows for a faster transition to backup power without delay. With some utilities, you can even sell excess energy back to the grid to earn money.

If your home is equipped with Powerwall and a home charging unit, no additional equipment is required. Although any home charging product can be used, Tesla strongly recommends the Tesla Wall Connector or the Universal Wall Connector. Any generation of Wall Connector is compatible with Home Backup when using Powerwall. The home charging system must be backed up by the Powerwall system to enable Home Backup.

If you are interested in installing a Powerwall, Treehouse can provide you with a quote for installation. Powershare Home Backup functionality with Powerwall is expected to be available later this year through an over-the-air update. All AC Powerwall variants will be compatible with Powershare Home Backup in the future.

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