Treehouse and Tenet


Treehouse and Tenet

July 10, 2023

Daniel Francis
Chief Product Officer


Treehouse and Tenet have partnered to simplify the EV ownership experience by offering convenient financing and installation of EV chargers as part of the vehicle loan.

Together, we have simplified the EV ownership experience by offering convenient financing options for EV charger installation that can be added directly to your vehicle loan, saving you time, money, and hassle.

We understand that affordability is crucial to driving widespread adoption of electric vehicles, and Tenet's loans are designed to account for the long-term value that EVs retain, saving you hundreds of dollars every month. By joining forces, we can further reduce the costs associated with EV ownership. For instance, EV owners who exclusively use public chargers typically pay around $150 per month in fees. In contrast, financing home charge installation and paying for electricity at home would only cost around $105 per month, resulting in immediate savings.

Our joint offering is designed to be simple and streamlined. Once you complete the Tenet loan application, you can add installation by filling out a short survey about your home and preferred charger location. You'll receive an instant price and have the option to include the installation cost in your monthly loan payments.

We are excited about how this partnership makes EV ownership more accessible and affordable. If you're interested in financing vehicle and EV charger installation, please apply here.

Please note that this offer is ONLY available for CA customers.

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