Treehouse Announces New Funding to Accelerate Decarbonization


Treehouse Announces New Funding to Accelerate Decarbonization

August 9, 2023

Eric Owski


We’re proud to announce $10.4M in early stage funding, led by Montage Ventures and Trucks, with participation from CarMax, Assurant Ventures, Acrew Capital, Gutter Capital, Detroit Venture Partners, Automotive Ventures, Holman, Virta Ventures, Alumni Ventures, and Invest Detroit.

Treehouse is building the world’s first Installation-as-a-Service company for home electrification. Our founding team was inspired to build this company because we urgently need to decarbonize the buildings in which we live and work. Despite the urgent nature of the problem, we observed fundamental challenges to scale in the electrical services industry. Some challenges are new, like the proliferation of first-of-their-kind “smart” home electrification products, and others are age-old, like permitting. Electricians have been, and always will be, at the center of the electrification movement. But it’s also clear that software tools are needed to meet the scale and complexity of the need today. The industry needs an evolution, but not a revolution. 

For Treehouse, this evolution means we’re building a vertically integrated electrical contracting shop. We’ve brought technologists and electricians under one roof, and are weaving together their respective trades. We’re as proud to be assembling a world-class electrician workforce as we are to be building transformative software. We believe strongly that we must bring both of these capabilities to bear on the challenges ahead in order to deliver great electrification experiences at massive scale. 

We decided to start our journey as an electrification company with EV charging. Whether you believe EV adoption will outperform analyst projections or end up closer to the lower bound, there are going to be many millions of EVs on the road in the United States by 2030. As the market expands beyond early adopters, we believe making home charging installation easy will be critical to getting consumers off the fence. Treehouse is now delivering a best-in-class automotive retail experience, starting with instant, guaranteed installation pricing and white glove service through installation day. By delivering instant pricing to EV buyers in the dealership, Treehouse is enabling home charging to be financed through the vehicle loan, making home charging more affordable.

With our new funding, we plan to expand our geographic footprint, grow our team of electricians, and invest in software and operational tooling that will make electrification the easy choice for millions of households, first in the US and then beyond; first for EV charging and then beyond. 

We’d love to have you join us. 

If you’re interested in partnering with Treehouse to deliver great installation experiences to your customers, please reach out through our partner page. If you’re interested in working at Treehouse, contact us through our career page.

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